Ok, call me crazy, but I'm trying polyphasic sleep... In short, its where you only get 2 hours of sleep total in a day. 20 minutes once every 4 hours (this type is "Uberman"). This is supposed to give you more energy and use less sleep. But, I've added a twist. It normally takes 14 days to get into this cycle, and not be tired all the time... I have exactly 13 days to get into the cycle, use it, and break it again before i move. Will I succeed? Lets see!

Friday, August 25, 2006


Well, after a few days I realized I can't go tto sleep on command. It takes me close on half an hour to get to sleep, nomatter how tired I am, unless I don't actually plan it. So the polyphasic sleep thing is off.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My ears hurt....

Been designing my alarm.... it had to be just "get up... get up.... get up" at first, then "get up or i'll wack you in the face with a frying pan" warning, then something extremely annoying in case im really reluctant to get up..... which will probably be a lot. Well, lets just say, 17khz hurts, 13khz drives you crazy, then a very loud, very sharp, non stop beeping, tops it all off and your ears hurt for... well they still hurt, dont know how long it lasts.
I can see me kicking myself in the ass any time i get past the 13khz part....
you can download the sound yourself here: http://wrong.domain.name/~ctucker5/polyphasicwakeup.ogg
If you have success with the sound, leave a comment!
sound may change, all versions will always stay available, but locations may change.... give it up to a week if its disappeared before the link will be fixed...

It begins

Ok, so it begins. I have 13 days before i move to go to College, and i intend to try polyphasic sleep. My intent is to beat the clock, as it usually takes 14 days or more to get into the cycle. my goal is at most a little over half that, 9 days.

This system is only gonna let me have 20 minutes of sleep, once, every 4 hours. There are other varieties, but this one seems best suited to me...
I intend to start this at 3am this morning, and respectively, sleep times will be at 3, 7, and 11.
This will most likely get in the way with my life the least (as i dont do much right now anyway, waiting on the move.)
So, expect to see my grumbings every time i wake up

speaking of waking up, im going to be writing a computer program to get me up. I'll be using the 17Khz sound as a first measure to get me up, as thats a sound thats not too harsh, but is really noticeable (and is said to be not noticeable at all to anyone ~26 or older, cause thats a frequency that you loose as you get older unless you have excellant ears.)... and a timer, so that if that doesnt get me up, a much more annoying alarm will go off.
similarly, the computer program will annoy the hell out of me if i dont go to sleep within reasonable limits of on-time...